Wednesday, 31 March 2010

More of my spring flowers

I suppose I could have saved the photographs of my spring bulbs and shared them in one blog post, but I got over excited. Here are a few more:



I can't wait for these Grape Hyacinths to flower:

The squirrel is determined to dig up my Garden Hyacinths, but I keep re-planting them:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

French Revelation Blog Feature - Featurama Monday

I was kindly included in 'Featurama Monday' on French Revelation's blog this week.  I must say that Jane has the nicest blog banner I've seen in a long time.  Please do check out Sid's In Stitches and Milk and Honey Handbags, the other two artists featured in the article.

Jane selected my olive stripe mini-messenger bag:

and my orange tartan tote bag:

 Thank you!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Blog Feature - "Couture du Jour"

I had a really nice suprise this morning to find that one of my bags had been included on lillyella's blog as part of a "Couture du Jour" feature. Thanks!

Be sure to check out lillyella's lovely blog for the full feature and Zepur of ZionShore's Etsy shop, who selected the ensemble below:


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

More Vintage Finds

Despite having little space left in our flat, I can't resist adding to my collection of vintage finds...

A glass fruit/desert stand and two pieces of lace:

After giving various pieces of china as Christmas presents, I decided to start my own collection.  I found these tea trios on eBay (one of which is identical to a Christmas present I wanted to keep for myself). I think the mismatched pieces work really well together:

I'm also on the lookout for vintage birdcages, the bigger the better.  I don't consider that they count towards the clutter quota because I plan to put them in the garden.  They look beautiful just as they are but I plan to fill them with plants or outdoor candles.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

My Craft Stash

In common with many crafters out there, I have a stash of fabric, buttons, ribbons, trimmings and everything else sewing related you can think of.  My collection often outgrows its storage space!

I never spend a huge amount on any of these items; I think part of the fun is sourcing a bargain.  I find it helpful to lay out my supplies for inspiration and sometimes, I can actually bring myself to use them!  Anyway, I thought I'd share a few photos of my craft stash for those who are interested:

I currently have a bit of a thing for ribbon...

and for bias binding...

and trimmings...

I have collected lots of vintage buttons over the past few years and plan to use them to embellish kisslock frame clutch bags (watch this space).

I love vintage jewelry and have kindly been given various pieces by my Grandma (an antiques dealer!). Some were missing a few stones, but I fixed them using items which were beyond repair.  Some of the brooches don't have pins, but they will still look stunning stitched to the front of a bag.


I have a lovely collection of vintage buckles, which I am yet to use. My favourites are those made from wood or mother of pearl. I'm currently pondering whether to make some belts or incorporate them all into my bag designs.

I don't limit my shopping to vintage items.  The clear and pink butterflies were originally attached to hairbands and cost around 50p each (80 US cents).  Obviously I had to buy every single one on the shelf...

I often pick up keyrings in the sales, which make for unusual bag charms or zipper pulls:

I have so much fabric, I think it deserves an entire post to itself...
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