Tuesday, 9 March 2010

More Vintage Finds

Despite having little space left in our flat, I can't resist adding to my collection of vintage finds...

A glass fruit/desert stand and two pieces of lace:

After giving various pieces of china as Christmas presents, I decided to start my own collection.  I found these tea trios on eBay (one of which is identical to a Christmas present I wanted to keep for myself). I think the mismatched pieces work really well together:

I'm also on the lookout for vintage birdcages, the bigger the better.  I don't consider that they count towards the clutter quota because I plan to put them in the garden.  They look beautiful just as they are but I plan to fill them with plants or outdoor candles.


  1. i think the older birdcages are wonderful! good luck finding one :) love the glass fruit bowl. reminds me of some of my grandmothers glasswares that i inherited after she passed. beautiful!

  2. I love vintage tea cups! My friend gave me two, which she has put candles into. ;)

  3. What lovely finds! Those tea cups are so pretty. I can just imagine having a nice cup of tea in them - with a large scone with jam and cream on the side of course!

  4. oohh lovely teacups! Thank you for your hyacinth advice ... I shall be turning it regularly :o)

  5. I collect vintage tea sets, love them!! As soon as weather gets better I will be out and about in UK searching for new pieces...


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