Thursday, 4 March 2010

My Craft Stash

In common with many crafters out there, I have a stash of fabric, buttons, ribbons, trimmings and everything else sewing related you can think of.  My collection often outgrows its storage space!

I never spend a huge amount on any of these items; I think part of the fun is sourcing a bargain.  I find it helpful to lay out my supplies for inspiration and sometimes, I can actually bring myself to use them!  Anyway, I thought I'd share a few photos of my craft stash for those who are interested:

I currently have a bit of a thing for ribbon...

and for bias binding...

and trimmings...

I have collected lots of vintage buttons over the past few years and plan to use them to embellish kisslock frame clutch bags (watch this space).

I love vintage jewelry and have kindly been given various pieces by my Grandma (an antiques dealer!). Some were missing a few stones, but I fixed them using items which were beyond repair.  Some of the brooches don't have pins, but they will still look stunning stitched to the front of a bag.


I have a lovely collection of vintage buckles, which I am yet to use. My favourites are those made from wood or mother of pearl. I'm currently pondering whether to make some belts or incorporate them all into my bag designs.

I don't limit my shopping to vintage items.  The clear and pink butterflies were originally attached to hairbands and cost around 50p each (80 US cents).  Obviously I had to buy every single one on the shelf...

I often pick up keyrings in the sales, which make for unusual bag charms or zipper pulls:

I have so much fabric, I think it deserves an entire post to itself...


  1. Love your stash!! I am just blogging about the same thing re ribbons! PLEASE do share your fabric :)

  2. I have a serious case of stash envy!

  3. What goodies, love those keyrings!

  4. What an amazing collection! I'm so jealous! Love your trimmings and vintage buttons :) xx

  5. You have a wonderful collection of trimmings - and are lucky to have such a kind Grandma.
    We would love to see your fabric

  6. Great stash! Yah.. sometimes my stash starts to outgrow storage space too... although now I am trying to use as much stuff that I already have before buying more. ;)

  7. Lovely items - my stash is quickly spreading throughout the house, much to my mum's displeasure, ha!

    I've featured you as one of my Sunshine Blog Award winners on my blog!

    Sarah x


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